From our inception as a civil engineering company 45 years ago, our ability to provide a very diverse and extensive range of services throughout the entire scope of the construction industry has grown and adapted to a large extent.

As can be seen below there is very little as a company we cannot cater for and provide within our operational scope, if your query is not covered below then please contact us directly using the link above.

Civil Engineering

From our very inception as a company civil engineering and the many areas it covers have been at the fore front of our core business operations with our capabilities able to cover projects ranging from minor undertakings to medium and large scale projects.

Building Works and Housing Developments

We have as a company undertaken many types of building works ranging in size and format from new luxury single dwellings through to large scale developments undertaking all elements from site acquisition through to building completions and sales. We have knowledge and experience in traditional, timber frame and steel portal frame buildings and have well established partnerships with engineers and architects to aid in any potential works. We are also experienced and able to provide a full groundworks package for specialist developers to bring a site from greenfield to slab level or further where required, our experience with national housebuilders has given us the tools to cope with tight construction programmes and detail designs.

Demolition Projects

As a framework partner for the local authorities throughout Wales for the undertaking of demolition works, we can safely say that demolition is something we can undertake whenever required and equates to a central part of our core operations. Should a particular scheme present specialist challenges, we can call upon established industry specialist partners who we have built strong relationships with, who can assist our operations where necessary.

Design and Build Projects

The design and build process is something which has become a key requirement within the construction industry and over the past 10 years it is an area that we have committed a lot of time and effort in order to provide a complete turn key service for our clients through this form of procurement. We have an established design team in place and the management of the whole process from inception to us handing over the keys is covered within our scope, examples of this can be seen under our projects section.

Refurbishment & Maintenance

We have as a company developed dynamic processes and expertise in the area of refurbishment and in particular the area of planned and reactive maintenance contracts, working with Pembrokeshire County Council and the Ministry of Defence in particular for over 40 years we pride ourselves in being able to deliver specialist services in this area designed to be fast and effective in any situation at all times.

Plant Hire

We offer an extensive plant hire service ranging from small elements of plant through to large scale excavators and machinery with operators.

Road Surfacing and Paving

Road surfacing forms an integral part to many of our projects and as such we have vast experience in undertaking this process whether it be small elements or very large undertakings through our formalised and experienced supply chain. As a company we have undertaken many large and challenging paving projects and class ourselves as able to carry out this type of work to a very high standard and durability, with many examples to be viewed within our projects section above.

Landscaping and Fencing

As a project draws to a close the Landscaping and fencing elements become critical in giving the project its finishing touch and also forms a key safety element at times, we have a strong supply chain and partnership agreements in place to cater for all elements of landscaping and fencing ranging from large scale civil structures and self-retaining structures through to planting and maintenance agreements.

Sewer connections

As an approved contractor and vast experience we can provide foul sewer connections for both public and private clients throughout South Wales, we have many qualified operatives for this element of works.

Private Works

As a local and regional company we have always relied upon a large element of Private clients and as such we continue to look at this work stream as key to our business operations, with our ability to cover a vast array of activities please feel free to get in contact to discuss any proposals.