Flood & Sea Defences

Amroth Sea Defence Storm Repairs

Amroth, Pembrokeshire

Client: Pembrokeshire County Council
Contract Value: £600k

Over the Christmas period of 2014-15 the Pembrokeshire coast line was hit by a series of very large and strong storms which combined with high tides culminated in a great deal of storm damage to the Pembrokeshire coast line and in particular Amroth Sea Defence wall as can be seen below.

The works were of an emergency nature and required constant reaction to the elements in order to ensure that no further damage was caused and to create a safe working environment in order to implement the required design and construction. As a company we worked tirelessly on site and at head office in conjunction with the Pembrokeshire County Council engineers to not only save and re-construct the existing road but also the many residents located behind the sea defences.

The work scope and Sequence involved:

  • Large Crane Contract lift operations.
  • Large scale excavation operations.
  • Temporary sea defence mechanisms.
  • Deep excavation and designed support systems.
  • Large scale concrete works inclusive of concrete pumping works and designed shuttering works within a very fragile marine environment.
  • Full road construction to final surface running course.

Llanstadwell Sea Defence Works

Llanstadwell, Pembrokeshire

Client: Pembrokeshire County Council
Contract Value: £100k

Project involved several elements of civil engineering works undertaken through existing framework agreement with the main scheme objectives involving creating new concrete sea defence structures to prevent erosion of the soft rock face and associated car parking areas for local residents.

The construction of the concrete structures involved using designed formwork/scaffolding due to locality being on the side of a cliff separating local road and the estuary basement with purpose made steel safety barrier required to be installed at the top of the structure on car parking area.

The final road construction and associated drainage was designed to assist local residents with the demolition of an old ruinous stone building belonging to the Church of Wales being undertaken to create further car parking spaces for local residents which there were very few of previously.

Health and safety was paramount due to significant risks such as work at height involving large machinery in a tidal location this coupled with the requirement for compliance with the dates on a pre agreed road closure made the project a difficult undertaking.

The scheme received widespread praise for the speed, quality and safety of our work.

The scheme was completed in an exemplary manner with all unforeseen cost issues clearly outlined as soon as they became apparent

Emyr Williams
Project Engineer; Re: Llanstadwell Sea Defence

Abereiddy Sea Defence Works

Abereiddy, Pembrokeshire

Client: Pembrokeshire County Council
Contract Value: £100k

This scheme was undertaken for Pembrokeshire County Council, it was instructed due to changes in policy and forward planning from a number of stakeholders which have control over the beach.

The scheme was to remove the old sea wall/defence system that has been in place for around 40-50 years, the storms over that period and constant battering had rendered them fairly dangerous and potentially ineffective moving forward.

The scheme was centred around removing old steel stations, wood retaining structures and large boulders. All of the elements were carried out through large excavator works.

It was a sensitive scheme in the way that the shoreline had to be constantly monitored to ensure people could not access the works areas, and also ensuring that all working activities were in line with a re-agreed site environmental management plan for the duration of the works to ensure the safety of the marine environment.

The scheme turned out well with the beach being re-profiled for future use.

Commons Flood Alleviation Works

Pembroke, Pembrokeshire

Client: Pembrokeshire County Council
Contract Value: £1.2m

The scheme was undertaken for Pembrokeshire County Council with the aim of improving the traffic flows through this area of Pembroke, whilst enhancing the area and finally alleviating flood risk which has historically had major impacts in the area.

The works were undertaken in phased elements with all works being approved in terms of their suitability in method for working within a very sensitive environment. Constant liaison with the environment agency was required and the working relationship was a real driver behind the success of the project.
The work scope included the following:

  • Flood alleviation works in constructing culverts and large drainage pipe work.
  • Lining of river banks and beds with matting and ensuring the environment was not compromised.
  • Road reconstruction and realignment.
  • Bridge construction.
  • Major pavement enhancement works.