Urban Regeneration

Cardigan High Street Remedial Works

Cardigan, Ceredigion

Client: Ceredigion County Council through tender
Contract Value: £110k

We were successful in winning the tender for highway improvement works in the heart of Cardigan town. The scheme was necessary due to the existing road construction failing in several areas.

The location of the works being in the main high street meant there were many stakeholders, all of whom were affected by the works in some description. This included: business owners, residents, town council, road users to name a few. This made the project particularly challenging, and our project programme was perhaps the key project document we had to adhere to.

The works involved excavation of the existing carriageway, to a depth of 1m in places, and the re-construction of the road and footways. Being a main street, there were a significant amount of mains services we had to work around, some of which were very fragile. A road closure was required for the duration of the works, and managing pedestrians in close proximity to our works in a bust town centre was a main feature of the project.

Can I convey our thanks to the men on site who carried out the works... they worked well and hard to achieve a very high standard of workmanship within a challenging location and timescale.

Marc Chapple
Project Manager’s Representative

Pembroke Henry VII Statue

Pembroke, Pembrokeshire

Client: Pembrokeshire County Council
Contract Value: £30k

Main scheme objectives involved creating a new paving area outside Pembroke Castle in Pembroke to act as a centre piece and picnic area. Included within this scheme was removal of old paving within a tight confined area. Re laying sub structure followed by laying of specialist and demanding paving materials within an irregular pattern. Building masonry plinth to house the newly commissioned bronze statue of Henry vii. Co-ordination, placement and securing of new bronze statue through crane operation.

The project was chosen as a centre piece within an advertising magazine for the paving supplier Tobermore. Project was completed on time in order to meet strict funding guidelines stipulated by the client.

Bridge Street Enhancement

Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire

Client: Pembrokeshire County Council
Contract Value: £400k

This scheme was undertaken as a show piece within the Haverfordwest overall master plan for future development and improvement of the urban landscape for Pembrokeshire County Council through the contractor’s framework agreement.

The scheme was a complicated and difficult scheme on all fronts due to the requirement to ensure that un-interrupted access was maintained for the businesses both during opening hours and during delivery periods. This was ensured by a constantly monitored and ever changing barrier and walkway system being used which considering the circumstances worked very well for the project duration.

Further complications with this scheme included a very tight and limited access way for material deliveries to the works areas, the maintaining of a safe working environment for both our work force and the public in particular during periods of stone cutting and finally the building of setting of the materials was a constant challenge due to the difficult levels needed to be tied into.

The scheme required the designing and co-ordinating of many different paving elements and required some very skilled and intricate laying form the on-site working team.

The works have received high praise from the engineers managing scheme but also and more importantly the shop owners running their businesses on the street which were very understanding and a pleasure to co-ordinate with during the works.

St Thomas’s Green Regeneration

Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire

Client: Pembrokeshire County Council
Contract Value: £500k

The works for this scheme were undertaken for Pembrokeshire County Council in conjunction with the re-development of the leisure centre within Haverfordwest town centre. This meant that co-ordination and compromised working situations had to be integral to the success of the scheme.

The town centre nature of the works meant that it was challenging from a safety perspective ensuring that all members of the public were sufficiently catered for during all work activities and in particular during periods when the site as un-occupied.

The work scope was to provide an urban enhancement scheme through the upgrading of footways, road ways and associated services. The works elements for this scheme included the following:

  • Full road construction inclusive of kerbing, drainage, bitmac surfacing, speed control ramps and road lining.
  • Provision of ducting and associated intricate street lighting design.
  • Natural stone paving and designed paving including all setting out of these elements through GPS equipment.
  • Final street furniture and very detailed landscaping arrangement.