Local Full Fibre Network

Pembroke - St Clears and North Pembrokeshire

Client: Tarmac
Contract Value: Ongoing

Supply and lay of approximately 74 kilometres of 4-way ducting and associated infrastructure in West Wales for the South Wales Trunk Road Agency as part of the Local Full Fibre Network (LFFN) rollout.  Potentially securing up to 30 local employment oppurtunities within the company for up to 3 years.

The Kells New Road Construction

Treffgarne, Pembrokeshire

Client: Tarmac National Contracting
Contract Value: £1.2m

The scheme was to improve a dangerous section of trunk road, approx 1km long where many accidents occurred historically. The road is the main trunk road to Fishguard Port, used heavily by lorries and HGVs and therefore required large scale investment to reduce risk.

The scheme scope Involved large scale earthworks cutting though fields to form a new section of road with many different elements to the scheme in addition to the road construction including:

  • Landscaping/Pembrokeshire hedge banks/steep embankments/fencing
  • Large diameter pipe for storm water drainage
  • Environmental/ecology works- Badger passes, silt fences where close to water
  • Extensive traffic management on busy trunk road which had permanent dedicated management presence

Management of the scheme was crucial with many activities happening simultaneously and a programme constantly under review. Resulting successful delivery depended on continual and effective communication between all stakeholders, commitment to meeting critical path of the programme and quality of work produced.

All concerned received widespread praise for the scheme.

This is a rather belated letter to thank your company and congratulate you on the above contract. We felt we had to write to tell you how much we appreciated the efforts your Company and men made. The new road both looks good and has done away with a very dangerous bend.

Nicholas Hall
Local resident; Re: The Kells, Treffgarne

Westfield Pill Cycleway

Neyland, Pembrokeshire

Client: Pembrokeshire County Council
Contract Value: £180k

The scheme involved upgrading a section of the national cycle network by providing an improved link between a higher level route leading to the south of Pembrokeshire, and the low level Brunel trail which runs through Westfield Pill nature reserve.

Works were in an area where ecology and the environment were of upmost importance, with a sensitive approach to working being required. The brief by the client’s ecology department to ‘maintain a stable balance’ in the nature reserve was met but this provided to be challenging when undertaking construction works.

The scheme included Challenging earthworks/site clearance to facilitate the change in levels of the 2 sections of existing path which were to be married together other elements within the work scope included machine laid macadam path installed as cycle route with post & rail fencing; Stone faced reinforced concrete walls and innovative reinforced earth retaining structures (web walls).

The web wall earth retaining structures were designed with planting sections where specified types of flora and fauna could be planted to attract particular types of butterfly.

A further complication to the scheme included easements through the work required for access/potential maintenance for a high pressure gas line. There was a requirement within this for a licence to be granted upon approval of working practices and supervision of work activities.

Traffic management was required for a section which joins the existing cycle route alongside a busy A road.

There were many different stakeholders in the scheme- Constant liaison with Fisher German (fuel line management), ecology, local councillors.

We received positive comments from all parties on completion of the scheme including public appreciation with innovative construction techniques deemed extremely successful and are to be designed into future schemes.

Just to say how delighted we are with the new zig zag cycle path from the Brunel Cycleway to the bridge. It’s wonderful.

Rev John D.Welsby
Local resident; RE: Westfield Pill, Neyland

Llangennech Dafen SUF

Llanelli Carmarthenshire

Client: Carmarthenshire Council
Contract Value: £1.2m

These works were completed over 3 separate phases which involved the construction of a shared use path alongside the very busy A4138 road into Llanelli.

The works were part of the Safe Routes in Communities Scheme from Carmarthenshire Council, aimed at improving pedestrian and cycle routes linking nearby communities.

Although the works were relatively straightforward in nature, the scheme was made more challenging due to the location alongside the main road into Llanelli. Extensive traffic management was required, with reduced working times enforced so as to avoid disruption to the roads during peak times.

Undertaking works in this way meant in theory an extended programme for completion and working out of sequence. The client was extremely pleased with our flexible working attitude towards the scheme, and completion within the extended programme.

Greenhill School Access Improvements

Tenby, Pembrokeshire

Client: Pembrokeshire Council through framework
Contract Value: £600k

Main scheme objectives involved creating a new access road to Geenhill secondary school, within this scope there were a great deal of other elements to be considered and undertaken such as:
– Initial Tree mitigation and co-ordination with specialist contractors
– Traffic management on the main road adjacent the site to undertake footpath construction works and also creation of a roundabout and crossing points.
– Demolition of existing buildings within the scheme.
– Detailed landscaping elements inclusive of high quality sports pitches.

Due to the location and nature of the works it was paramount that all undertakings were manged and co-ordinated with the school, this was achieved through good and strong relationships formed where an open and clear line of communication was ever present.

This collaborative approach ensured that the scheme was not only undertaken within the programme duration but also meant the school travel and operational undertakings were not affected.

“Following the successfully completed works at Greenhill School, we would like to pass on our thanks and congratulate you and all of the staff who were involved in delivering the improvements. We would like to note that the coordination and planning of the alterations was completed very professionally, with the school being able to function as normal for the entire period of the construction.”

Anthony Price
Council Engineer

Eagle Lodge Multi Use Path

Hundleton, Pembrokeshire

Client: Pembrokeshire County Council
Contract Value: £100k

The project was procured through our framework agreement with Pembrokeshire county council, the scheme was designed in house by the council. The project was to undertake upgrade of a very worn bridleway path through Canaston woods.

It was particularly challenging due to the time of year and subsequent weather conditions and the requirement for works to progress whilst keeping the bridle way open. The scheme involved excavation of the defective areas of path, then regrading to a formal level throughout. The bridleway was completed with a final course of a specialist bound material.

The scheme has been very popularly received by the local users.

Glanbran Side Support Scheme

Llandovery, Carmarthenshire

Client: Tarmac National Contracting
Contract Value: £540k

Main scheme objectives involved creating a new civil engineering structure in order to address a land slippage to the side of the trunk road near to Llandovery. The works were done as a partnership between EP/Tarmac and Atkins as designers under the Framework agreement for the South Wales Trunk Road Agency.

The works involved large scale traffic management and logistical planning of site transport in order to accommodate the large scale excavation.
– The work scope involved:
1. Tree clearance.
2. Large scale excavation.
3. Deep and large scale storm water drainage.
4. Large scale stone formation of a designed new road way and supporting embankment.
5. Traffic road barrier