Haverfordwest Swimming Pool

Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire

Client: Pembrokeshire County Council
Contract Value: £65k

At the time, this was a high profile scheme within a town centre location. The existing town swimming pool was to be demolished to coincide with the construction of a new leisure centre in a different part of the town.

Pre demolition surveys were undertaken, and licenced asbestos removal of all three types of asbestos was required using a permit to work system in accordance with the Hazardous Waste Regulations. Prior to demolition, de-commissioning of indoor swimming pool was required, including chemical storage tanks/equipment and the cleansing of underground drainage and services.

Once all hazardous materials had been removed, demolition took place and we were able to recycle of all the inert material for site use. Following the roof strip, the remaining structure was safely demolished to ground level, pushing the walls into the centre of the footprint. The material was then crushed on site with a mobile crushing plant and suitably graded for re-use around the completed site.

The programme and phasing of the scheme was paramount to its success, & management of pedestrians and traffic was required for the duration of the works. Continual communication with all stakeholders and sub-contractors ensured the successful delivery of the project to a high quality.

The project was carried out in a professional manner from start to finish…The works were completed on time and the site was left in a clean and tidy manner.

Chris Pratt
Project Engineer; RE: Haverfordwest Swimming Pool Demolition

Scolton Manor Museum

Crundale, Pembrokeshire

Client: Pembrokeshire County Council
Contract Value: £55k

Pembrokeshire County Council own and run a country house estate near Haverfordwest which has many features, one being a museum. The old museum was found to be insufficient for use, and was to be demolished in readiness for a new purpose built build museum to take its place.

Pre demolition surveys were undertaken and licenced asbestos removal of all three types of asbestos was required in accordance with the Hazardous Waste Regulations. In addition to the asbestos identified, unforeseen asbestos was identified underground which required removal under the same systems of work. Once completed, the demolition of 2 steel framed buildings adjacent to each other could take place with the removal and off-site disposal of redundant plant.

The steel frame was recycled for use by others elsewhere, and we were able to recycle all of the inert material at an offsite transfer station.

The Contractor provided all of the necessary documentation in the Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan in accordance with the guidelines of the CDM regulations and obtained the necessary permit to work from the Authority’s asbestos unit to remove the asbestos sheeting. The site was kept in a clean and tidy condition and the site staff were able to answer any queries. The work was completed on time and within budget.

Chris Pratt
Project Engineer; RE: Scolton Manor Museum Demolition

Building 132a

Pendine MoD, Carmarthenshire

Client: Qinetiq
Contract Value: £155k

This work was completed through our maintenance agreement with the site, and was part of an overall site objective to rid the site of asbestos completely.

An asbestos survey was undertaken at the project outset to identify the types of asbestos which were present- Crysotile type was the only type identified, meaning non-licenced work was applicable. HSE asbestos removal guidance was followed, and a suitable method of working ensuring sheets were removed with minimal disturbance was adhered to.

The work was completed on a steel frame building, which had an asbestos roof/side cladding which was all to be removed, the steel frame re-furbished and new metal profiled cladding installed.

It was a CDM notifiable project, and client appointed a strict external CDM co-ordinator. He was extremely happy with Health & Safety on site and commended the way the works were undertaken and method statement was followed. The completed project also received excellent comments from all site personnel and the head of site.

Works were completed with the upmost regard to Health & Safety and completed in line with the Method Statement.

Steve Parker
CDM Co-Ordinator; RE: Building 132a, MoD Pendine